Two taps for one sink [TIDU]

Why does the UK have 2 taps for the majority of their sinks? Most of the places you go will usually have a tap for ice cold and a tap for boiling hot water. To get warm water, you have to plug the sink and let it fill up first. Why do they insist on this way? The locals can try and defend it all they want but I only bring it up because in the tub will have just a single tap usually so they obviously know that you can mix the water right away before letting it out to provide people with the luxury of warm water rather than 2 extremes.

In the kitchen, usually for older places, the tap is one but it’s not mixed before it comes out. I think it’s a pipe in a pipe and then it comes out as 2 different streams but as a single stream.

For a while, I implemented the MacGyver fix using a 2 litre bottle method I saw online and for a while, it was good but often, the water would sit as it wasn’t done properly. Later, I found an attachment that goes over the faucets and mixes into a single output in a B&Q hardware store for only £10 which solved the issue of the sitting water and all was good again. Warm water for all.

Mixer taps make sense and I didn’t even know they were called mixer taps until I was here.

Things I don’t understand.


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