Rome was an incredible city to visit and was extremely happy with the time that we decided to go. Travelling in the off season is probably one of the best ways to visit any city since there’ll be less tourists everywhere which means that there’ll be less lines for each attraction that you visit. Almost all the sites we visited had no lines and when they did have lines, they were very short to non-exisistent.

There was a bit of rain while we were there but it was only for one of the days that we were there so it didn’t stop us from exploring the city although this did result in me having to buy an umbrella while there and since I didn’t want to spend too much, I bought an umbrella from those shady street sellers who are relentless and will ask anybody who doesn’t have an umbrella. They were asking for 5 Euros but was able to get one for 3 Euros because I didn’t really want one and started walking away. The prices always seem to start dropping as soon as you walk away. Unfortunately, the umbrella only lasted one day. It was falling apart near the end of the day because of the winds.

One nice part of Rome is that it is relatively small allowing us to be able to walk to just about all the places we wanted within 30 to 45 minutes from our hotel. Since everything was relatively close, we’d end up stumbling across famous landmarks like the Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon and then look down the road and there would appear the Colloseum.

It’s quite grande and amazing

Overall, Rome is an incredible city filled with beautiful sights and extremely tasty food and some of the best coffee we’ll ever have. I don’t even like coffee but what was made for me was delicious.

Just taking it in


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