Where does all this stuff come from

As we were cleaning up and clearing out our possessions, more and more things would come out of nowhere. You think you don’t have much stuff in your place but the more you clean out and the more you pull out stuff from your storage and other areas you leave, it’s incredible how much stuff you can store away.

We dropped off about 10-15 garbage bags and moderately sized boxes to Good Will and moved about 15-20 boxes to my storage area and then we have about 4-5 pieces of luggage filled to the brim and vacuum packed. Seriously, where does all this stuff come from? It’s not like we have a lot of possessions but more and more items kept coming out. I’m just glad we didn’t have to move our furniture and rented it out with it. I’m so sick of cleaning and moving boxes and bags.

The day before the walkthrough, there was about 14 hours of cleaning and moving. This was after doing little things leading up to that day and then on the day of the walkthrough, we still had to move more boxes and luggage. I was really hoping to have everything cleaned and cleared out 2 days before giving me 1 day to just look over everything and get a chance to relax before the walkthrough.

Also, even though the place has been cleared out, we filld out 2 other pieces of luggage that we just needed to put stuff in so we could clear out the condo. I still have to go through it.

The place has never been so clean. I hope they renters take good care of the place while they stay. From the sound of their references, they’re good renters and really, you only get bad renters once in a while from what I hear. Plus, most people aren’t going to go through the hassle of filling out long forms beforehand if they’re not serious about renting.

Now that the condo has renters, it feels weird to not have a job at the moment and after living away from home for almost 5 years, not having a place to call my own. Handing over the keys to them is a really weird thing to do when you still have all your furniture there still so it doesn’t actually feel as if you have moved out.

I think if I didn’t ever take any risks with my life, I would regret it later in life.


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